Thursday, October 4, 2007

Gingerbread Cookies

Ini permintaan my daughter, Haney. Mati2 dia suruh kita beli "gingerbread cutter" so that she can make this cookies.

Papa dia pulak jenis ikutkan apa yang daughter dia mintak. Alahai untung haney eh .. maklum lah anak perempuan sorang. Bongsu lagi. You are one lucky princess, Haney Fitriana. Jealous mummy tau... boleh gitu?

Anyway, when i saw the recipe i thought its quite easy, why not?

Last weekend, i adunkan bahan2 but i leave it up to her and her elder brothers to do the rest. These are the results. Not bad sweetheart for a 7 year old girl. The cookies are a bit too hard but crunchy.

So, next time, please remind mummy to add more ginger powder ok princess!